Transpersonal Leadership Programs

PgC Coach Mentoring and Facilitation
Good quality coaching, mentoring and facilitation in the work-place is invaluable

PgC and PgD Transpersonal Leadership

It is a practical, applied programme that directly benefits participants in the workplace.

Stress Management

The biggest cause of workplace stress is the pace of change.  And more than 60% of employees believe their immediate boss is to blame.

Selection, Assessment & Development

Theright equipment and development tools will help ypu te get the best of yout human capital

PgC Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

The self-directed approach of our programme means participants can choose from a highly flexible range of modules to meet specific needs

Developing High Performing Teams

practical ways to improve the ones that are most useful to your organisation

Maximising Board Effectiveness

Improve self-awareness as individuals and as a team.

Excellent Leadership

We take leaders on a journey towards leadership excellence.