The Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) provides an environment to facilitate the training and up skilling of various employees and people involved in local government structures, as well as unemployed South Africans.

This entails creating and implementing a variety of skills development interventions such as, the Sector Skills Plan (SSP) and learning programmes aimed at local government employees and others working within the sphere such as traditional leaders and ward councillors.

As a developing country, South Africa’s workforce plays a key role in service delivery hence, the importance of having a skilled and capable workers cannot be overemphasised; not only does it improve the lives of South Africans, but it also assists local government structures in meeting their constitutional mandate.

LGSETA in collaboration with Maluti A Phofung Local Municipality Artisan Launch

Maluti A Phofung is the municipality in Free State found in Thabo Mofutsanyana District. The municipality has the population of 334 784. Amongst the challenges facing the municipality include but not limited to, high unemployment especially among the youth, shortage of skills, very limited manufacturing industry firms which lead to migration of labour force to other cities, poverty and crime. The unemployment rate is 41, 8 % and it is reported to be standing at 53% amongst the youth of age between (15-35 years).

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